The Ginko Gallery

"Distinctive Destination" 

Situated at 19 South Main Street in Oberlin, Ohio, Ginko Gallery is truly a community treasure. It exudes warmth and invites visitors and residents in to see their amazing and very impressive array of artwork. One of the original founders Liz Burgess has a smile that lights up a room which I suspect comes from being able to live her life doing something that she loves and contributing to her community.

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Three fiber artists in search of a supportive work environment started this gallery and studio in 1997. One of the original founders, Liz Burgess, still owns and manages the contemporary gallery which features the work of over 250 individuals and very small studios.

Over the years the gallery has expanded to include pottery, jewelry, glass, wood, metal, and other media. But true to its origins, most wall space is reserved for fiberart such as contemporary weavings by Kathleen L. Roig, and art quilts by June O'Neil. Moveable walls create an exhibition space for formal shows several times a year.

Half of the building is still dedicated to the working studios of 5 resident artists and is open to the public. "When people actually see someone working at creating art the concept of original handmade art becomes real. Then they start to understand how what we sell is unique" says Liz.

Located in a storefront in downtown Oberlin, Ohio, the gallery has a significant tourist business. Oberlin, a surprisingly cosmopolitan small college town located 35 miles west of Cleveland, was recently named a "Distinctive Destination" by the National Historic Trust. An array of cultural events bring visitors town. " We pack for carry-on and we ship all over the world" says Liz Burgess.

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