Carlyle Shop - Lorraine & Bob Morrison & Francine Toss

The Carlyle Shop has hopped from one location to another since 1935. What always remains the same is its unique product line, the warmth and inviting spirit of the shop and most importantly the affability of its owners, from Grace Harlow & Elizabeth Martin (the first owners we personally knew) to Lorraine Morrison and Francine Toss, the current owners. 

One can easily spend an hour or two winding one's way through the store, looking at unique items that are hard to find anywhere else. There are the ubiquitous albino squirrels, teapots, postcards, earrings (my personal favorite) and other jewelry, distinctive cards, and of course their gorgeous flowers. 

One of the favorite aspects of our experience with the Carlyle Shop is that we don't go there simply to shop. We go there to catch up on city politics, share stories about our respective families and just feel as if we are in the company of friends. Only in a small community like Oberlin are we able to find that sort of experience.

Please click on this link for a delightful article about the Carlyle Shop from "The Oberlin Review".

For more information on 17 West College Street, visit The Oberlin Heritage Center.

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