Blue Rooster Bakehouse - Leo & Wendy Boes

Blue Rooster Bakehouse is one of Oberlin's favorite storefronts. it is located at 38 South Main Street. Not only are the baked goods fresh, unique, homemade and delicious, the owners Leo and Wendy Boes are two of the nicest people in town. They dreamed a dream, brought it to fruition and Oberlin is the better for it. Celebrating a recent two year anniversary Blue Rooster is one shop that we hope stays around for a very long time. 

For more information of previous business located at 38 South Main Street, please click on the link below to the Oberlin Heritage Center.


Our inspiration has always been simplicity and love and yummy, fresh from the oven, goodies. As a child I remember going to my grandma's or my aunt's house in West Virginia and the moment I walked in the door knowing I was loved by not only the way I was treated, but also by all of the love that went into the food. It was just such a wonderful experience that has stuck with me my entire life. We wanted to recreate that here for all of our new friends! 

We started out doing mostly cupcakes and cakes but now offer a much larger variety of treats including breakfast goodies, specialty cakes, amazingly yummy breads, decadent brownies, bars, cookies and much more. We also offer vegan and gluten free items on a daily basis. We don't stick by a set "menu" and our flavors change daily but, rest assured, you're definitely sure to find something that tickles your tastebuds no matter when you visit. 

More than anything in this experience, we have been absolutely blown away by the support of the local community. After two years we are "over the moon" in love with this town and the people of Oberlin.  It is truly just the coolest, most unique, amazing little spot. To say we have been blessed is an understatement! We look forward to many happy years and memories here with our family.

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